Color Match Instructions

TO COLOR MATCH for your perfect shade: 

1. On a clean cheek,  using a q-tip, place one stripe of each color foundation provided, starting with the lightest to darkest shade. (ie. 100, 200, 300 ect…)  

2. Blend each stripe in just a little with your finger. 

3. Look at each stripe in good lighting or outdoor light. Your perfect match should disappear on your skin blending in!   

4. When you have found your perfect match, clean your face, put on your moisturizer then apply the sample of our SKIN PERFECTING PRIMER.  A small dab will usually cover your entire face. 

5. After Primer dries, add your foundation sample with a q-tip or your finger.  This way you can wear both products around a little bit to see if you like the color and feel! This should help you find your perfect match.

PRO-TIP:  Remember that you are usually slightly darker on your chest, so in order to avoid looking like you have on a “mask”,try going a shade darker than your actual face, so your face blends in more with your chest color. This happens especially in the summer as most people avoid tanning their faces. This is a good tip to keep in mind when choosing your color.  

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