Image of a frosted glass 2.20 ounce jar with a black lid containing our dark gray Miracle Mud Glow Mask.

Miracle Mud Glow Mask


This deep-cleansing, luxuirous spa-like mask helps restore radiance by eliminating toxins and impurities and energizing the complexion to reveal a healthy, youthful glow.  Melt into luxury!

The natural thermal, charcoal formula activates with water, creating a warming sensation helping to melt away debris.while Sea Salt helps to exfoliate dead skin cells leaving skin GLOWING!

  • - Eliminates toxins and impurities
  • - Melts away debris
  • - Purifies skin for a youthful freshness
  • - Invigorates and energizes the complexion for a healthy glow

Gluten Free.

What's Inside:

Natural Binchotan White Charcoal Powderdraws out dirt and other pore-clogging debris.
Sodium Bicarbonatehelps prevent problem-causing bacteria, absorb excess oil and decongests pores.

Glycerinprovides intense hydration, enhances moisture retention and softens skin.

Gluten Free.


How To Use :

Apply a generous amount to a dry face, being careful to avoid the immediate eye area.

Leave for 5 minutes, then wet hands and massage into skin to activate.

Remove with moistened cotton pads and rinse well with warm water.

Or rinse off in the shower.

NOTE: This mask does not harden. It pulls out impurities and exfoliates gently while hydrating your skin.

PRO TIP:  Follow with our Hydrating Cream Extreme or our Vitamin C Night Cream for a more luxurious, hydrating effect. 

Giving Back



“In order to move forward, we must give back”  - Oprah

At Heroes Beauty, we have two missions –

*Help build your confidence and have your inner beauty shine through by using professional, high quality, easy to use products.

*Help others by giving back a portion of every sale to our “heroes.”  

Heroes, being those who have given so much for our freedom and also those “heroes” who have risen out of strife or given so much unconditionally.

We have been inspired by the everyday heroes in our lives – wives, mothers, friends and 

colleagues – who, in actions big and small, make the world a better place. 

Designed by a professional make-up artist who has worked in the TV/Film/ and Print Industry

for the past 25 years, our products provide that deft touch of cover or color that enhances 

your look, without making you look made up. 

It’s you, only better!

Whether you are a member of the military fighting for our freedom, or simply fighting to make

your community better by getting involved in your kids’ schools or local charities, we want to

thank you.  We are grateful for your service. That’s why Heroes donates 5% of our annual 

profits to charities that help veterans or empower women and children to have a better life. 

 When you buy from us, you know you are getting luxurious, professional grade products at 

reasonable prices and helping others all at the same time.

To learn more, visit our web site at www.hereosbeauty.com  Sign up for our VIP Club to

receive more information on our give back campaign and special discounts on products! 

We are so grateful for your interest in Heroes Beauty-spread the word and the love!


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